Selasa, 21 Julai 2009

Wajar Atau Tidak ?

-di petik dari blog Datuk Hafarizam Harun

These are the lawyers whom have benefited from the good deed of Barisan Nasional Government governing the country and made it conducive for them to earn a wealthy and luxurious life style.
We oxygenate them and let them censure us, live a life to fight us out and make continuous attempt to discredit and where possible kick the Government of the day out of power. They threw their absolute support to the opposition irrespective of right or wrong.

1. Ranjit Singh of Ranjit Ooi & Robert Loh and getting work/fees from Ambank
2. Edmund Bon of Chooi & Co. and getting work/fees from OCBC, ING Merchant
3. Chan Kok Keong of Chan & Associates and getting work/fees from Perwira Affin Bank &CIMB
4. Tommy Thomas of Tommy Thomas and getting work/fees from CIMB, Bank Islam,Petronas, BP International Finance, Dana Harta, Kerajaan Negeri Terenganu
5. Philip Koh of Mah Kamariah & Philip Koh and getting work/fees from AmBank, Affin Citibank, RHB, Petronas and IOI Properties
6. Leong Cheok Keng of Leong & Tan and getting work/fees from BSN

We are the one who enrich these lawyers who instead of thanking us bite us to bleed. It is suggested that all banking institutions and GLC cease from engaging them either directly or indirectly.
It is also important to ensure all banking institution and GLC only refer work to firms which are pro-government.
Zaid Ibrahim & Co. is on the panel of most banks and GLC and yet they squeeze the Government to a point of no return.
If we do not put a stop to all these they will grow bigger and stronger and by then we will be too late to stop them. "
Sekian, terima kasih.

:-Sepatutnya pendedahan seperti ini di war-war kan di dada akhbar supaya org ramai boleh menilai betapa adil dan baiknya kerajaan umno/bn ini.Tidak seperti yg di perkatakan oleh Pakatan rapuh/penipu rakyat kononnya kerajaan umno/bn ini menzalimi rakyat.
Kalau aku jadi Zaid Ibrahim dan geng2 loyar buruk seperti di atas tu dah lama aku terjun dari tingkat 14 plaza masaalam.Malu muka rupanya jadi kaya pasal kerajaan umno/bn yg zalim ini yg bagi makan tapi di gigit pulak tangan2 yg bagi dorang yg bangsat ini makan.

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